Presenting The Next CRM Platform - StarUp X Webflow Template
Presenting The Next CRM Platform - StarUp X Webflow Template
Presenting The Next CRM Platform - StarUp X Webflow Template

Don't let your social media strategy be just hunches and guesswork.

Enough with unsuccessful campaigns that cost you money and give back nothing. Get a simple solution that helps you weaponize your performance data.

Bad social media marketing is costing you more than you think.

Manually compiling data from all your social media takes hours, and your reports are full of errors. Get detailed, accurate, and auto-generated reports, with SaasBox.

See where your efforts are paying off and adjust your strategy.

You need a social media strategy that works. But you are wasting days looking at unreliable insights. Measure social media analytics with accurate, auto-generated reports.

The secret to your growth is in the data you're overlooking.

Maximise reach and impact with detailed reports on content marketing and customer engagement. Track your performance across channels with an easy to use SMM software.

Create a social media strategy that works.

Navigate through tonnes of data with custom, auto-generated, relevant reports. Beat the competition with an enhanced social media strategy.

Unlimited, custom reports

Cross-channel insights

Easy-to-use planner

Know exactly what's working and what's not.

Track all metrics with custom reports. Maximize impact by analyzing campaign results and content performance easily.

"Managing social media was never this easy." - Rob Lewis

I saw which of my campaigns were working in real time. SaasBox changed the way our entire marketing department worked. I don’t think we’ve ever had a tool that’s been able to so quickly provide us with feedback.

Customer X achieved 12x ROI in the first month !

Explain how the customer was in a similar situation as your user, struggling with similar problems. Talk about their transition to your product and the outcome: how it solved their problems and helped them achieve their goals.

View Case studies

Make business decisions that help you grow. With data that actually matters.

Schedule posts easily

Plan and create content that connects to your audience.

Enhance customer engagement

Build online communities with effective audience commuincation.

Boost your ROI

Use in-depth reports to build a powerful social media strategy.

The one-stop solution for all your social media marketing problems.

Take your social media marketing to the next level, with SaasBox. Manage all your social channels, ensure customer engagement, track your performance and more—all from a single platform

Start your free trial.

See how this works

Ezra Burns on the 5 ways to generate more leads on LinkedIn.

Join Ezra Burns , Senior Channel Account Manager at Socially as he talks about how to use LinkedIn as a powerful sales and marketing channel for businesses of any size. Start your video course, today!


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Hyper-focused contact and company data

Spend more time selling, and less time building sales prospecting lists. Use industry-leading filters to create highly-relavent lead lists and only pay for verified contact data, validated in real-time.

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Enrich and verify all company data of B2B contacts
Enrich and verify all company data of B2B contacts

Company enrichment

Dropcontact enriches: the website, the company's LinkedIn, the industry sector , the NAF code, the salary range, the Siren number and the intra-community VAT number of French companies.